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Every step counts

We are a market leading brand and product owner focused on distinct products that drive a reuse behavior and an active lifestyle.

Customized solutions to boost reuse and active lifestyles

We offer a complete and market-leading product suite that is exclusively developed by the in-house R&D team. The formulations are fully owned and give a great customer experience. We provide innovative and sustainable products in niche categories such as protection, care and accessories for shoes and textiles, technical insoles and protection and support for joints.

What’s new?


Everyday Life powered by EXPRO

EXPRO is a brand specializing in waterproofing technology for your everyday life. Our high-performance water-repellent products and services take you to the next level – today and tomorrow. Keep water, dirt, snow, and stains out! Boost the performance and durability of your everyday gear, garments, footwear, and textiles by strengthening their protection through professional water […]

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No more pain – Ökad komfort med Relief Series

Smärta i fötterna påverkar hela kroppens välbefinnande. 52BONES nylanserade produktserie Relief Series består av små, smidiga produkter i fotvårdsgel och textil som lindrar och förebygger fotproblem samt vanliga tå-besvär. Produkterna är utformade för att ge tår och fötter optimal komfort genom att avlasta tryck, lindra smärta och minska friktion. Hallux valgus är en vanlig åkomma […]

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Nordisk natur

Take care of yourself and your belongings

At Brunngård we realize that we all need to change our way of living to manage the planet’s resources. We know that no one can do everything, but everyone can do something, which we summarize in our motto: Every step counts.