Springyard Therapy


Springyard is the predominant shoe care brand in the Nordic market and caters a comprehensive range of shoe related products, such as shoe care, water repellant, shoe laces and insoles. The brand is also a leader within modern ice grippers for city, trail and running shoes. 

Depending on need and ambition, Springyard offers products and knowledge for users at all level – from the novice to the expert. Through distinct sub-brands, the product range is tailored to suit consumers’ needs and requirements regardless of interest or age. 

Springyard Therapy

Springyard Therapy

Classic, quality shoe care with a modern feel and a high environmental profile. A carefully selected product range developed from the most suitable raw materials possible, without sacrificing function or eco-friendly ambition. Rewarded with a unique scent and a luxurious appearance, the products are truly like therapy for your shoes. 

Springyard Active protection spray

Springyard Active

An outdoor product range developed to extend the life of shoes and functional garments. Especially suitable for people with an active lifestyle who enjoy the outdoor and appreciate a reuse society. An assortment consisting of functional shoe care products that withstand the harsh weather conditions found in the Nordic climate. 

Springyard Quickcare cleaner

Springyard Quick Care

Simply the fastest shoe care in the world for people who lack the time but still care about the look and their belongings. Quick Care is the fastest most convenient shoe care in the world. In only 3 minutes Quick Care gives a quality result that makes the shoes look great, last longer and smell good.

Springyard Runsafe broddar

Springyard Outdoor

A selection of smart high-quality products that make you safe and secure in any weather conditions – on icy, snowy surfaces or slippery rocks, in darkness and heavy rain or in the freezing cold. All products are approved and certified according to the required standards and material selections is carefully chosen with regard to longevity and performance. 

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