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Customized solutions for boosting reuse and active lifestyles

We offer a complete and market-leading product suite that is exclusively developed by the in-house R&D team. The formulations are fully owned and provide a great customer experience. In addition, we offer customized business models, a flexible distribution setup.

Research and development
Products & Innovation

One-stop-shop for reuse and an active lifestyle

Innovation and product development is at the heart of what we do. We aim to constantly improve our products from both a performance, usability and sustainability point of view through our well-defined innovation process. All our brands are developed in-house with complementary support from leading international research institutes.

Active Lifestyle

  • Technical shoe inserts and insoles
  • Orthopedic foot aids
  • Safety and non-slip protection
  • Protection and support for joints


  • Protection and care for shoes 
  • Protection and care for textile 
  • Accessories for shoes and textile 
  • Replaceable insoles for shoes 
Therapy exposure
Own brands, co-lab and private label

Whatever fits your needs

We provide a portfolio of well-established, owned brands, ready to buy off the shelf. For brand owners that prefer co-labs, we have models that easily transform our products into co-lab or private label assortments.

  • Own brands
  • Co-lab
  • Private label
  • Tailored solutions
Customer in focus
Enhanced business models

Profitable business and customer centric approach

Our products will boost your sales, this is a fact! The categories we offer represent a unique opportunity to increase sales and profitability while you at the same time support your consumers in their aim to extend the lifetime of their products.

  • Increased sales
  • Customer engagement
  • A more sustainable world
  • Sales training
  • Visual merchandising & digital content
  • Incentive programs
Risk sharing

Risk sharing as a matter of course

We believe in win-win partnerships. We have come to realize that the distribution of risk in the wholesale value chain is unbalanced where the retailer normally ends up taking a large share of the risk. We strive to change that with a perspective that we want to be a true partner, not just a supplier. We try to manifest this through a risk-sharing mindset and business model.

  • Consignment model with complete assortment without any upfront investment
  • In-season restocking and reorders
Warehouse and distribution

Flexible distribution to meet any need

Distribution is a matter of adding value and being customer centric. We distribute on your terms and with your interests. We can deliver directly to your stores globally and any specific requirements will be handled by our in-house distribution team.

  • Flexible distribution
  • Reduced costs
  • Global distribution
Restored sneakers

Reusability partner here to guide and assist

Our mission is to empower development of a reuse-society and we place reusability at the core of everything we do and offer. Our products contribute to extending the life of the core products, which is one of the strongest contributors to a more sustainable lifestyle. Read more about our reusability focus.

Let’s get in touch

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Nordisk natur

Take care of yourself and your belongings

At Brunngård we realize that we all need to change our way of living to manage the planet’s resources. We know that no one can do everything, but everyone can do something, which we summarize in our motto: Every step counts.