52 Bones

52BONES focuses on keeping healthy feet healthy. An insole, adapted to the needs of the foot and after the shoe’s use, provides increased comfort, improves performance and offers the best possible conditions for each activity. 52BONES uses the latest technologies in product development, to offer the highest quality insoles with optimal fit and the right support.  

52BONES product concept are divided into four series, clearly defined to satisfy different consumer needs. Products are simple to understand, easy to use and easy to buy. 

Tech Series

Four models of technical arch support-insoles in three arch heights. Provides comfort in all types of shoes. As proof of quality the products have been granted the APMA Seal by American Podiatric Medical Association, a prestigious international certification. 

52bones Support series

Support Series 

Comfort insoles in three different models with one arch height.​ Gives your feet daily comfort in all types of shoes. The insoles have a high cushioning factor and an arch height that suits most people.. 

52bones Gel series

Gel Series

Comfortable cushioning insoles and heel pads in TRP-gel.​ Provides support and has a superb shock-absorbing effect. Gel insoles are perfect for anyone who is standing and walking a lot during the day, or for someone who wants extra cushioning during sports activities.

52bones Relief series

Relief Series

A fine selection of products focusing on relieving pain, such as toe spreaders and bunion guards. Made out of soft foot care gel, the products can ease foot pain and in some cases even cure over time.

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