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Springyard Therapy product line-up
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Springyard Therapy – Powered by Nature’s Technology​

Therapy is our hero concept! It is all about classic, quality shoe care with a modern feel and a high environmental profile. The products are made from the best raw materials nature has to offer without sacrificing the product function or the eco-friendly ambition. In addition, the consumer is rewarded with a luxurious appearance and a unique scent. […]

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Springyard Active

The Shoe Care of the Future

Springyard Active takes the idea of ​​sustainability one step further. A new outdoor range for the active consumer who expects sustainable quality and values ​​function highly.

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We support strict legislation on PFAS – No to PFAS
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By signing ‘No to PFAS’, we are taking our sustain­ability efforts to the next level

Brunngård supports the environmental organization ChemSec’s initiative “No to PFAS” with the goal of phasing out environmentally hazardous substances that harm health and the environment.

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Nordisk natur

Take care of yourself and your belongings

At Brunngård we realize that we all need to change our way of living to manage the planet’s resources. We know that no one can do everything, but everyone can do something, which we summarize in our motto: Every step counts.