The Shoe Care of the Future

Springyard Active takes the idea of ​​sustainability one step further. A new outdoor range for the active consumer who expects sustainable quality and values ​​function highly.

Springyard Active

Springyard is a well-established brand that is a leader in shoe care in the Nordic region. The product portfolio consists of innovative products that are at the forefront and that are adapted to the consumers of the future.

For a long time, Springyard has worked hard to develop sustainable shoe care products. Springyard Active is a new outdoor range for the active consumer who expects sustainable quality and values ​​function highly.

– We have had the environmental focus in all parts of the development for the new range, says Anna Björling who is Brand Manager at Springyard. Now we have taken a real step forward and landed a range that is a brilliant combination of durability and quality. We call it Eco Friendly. 

Products for a Nordic climate

Springyard Active consists of a carefully selected range of easy-to-use and flexible products that help extend the life of shoes and functional garments. The products are adapted to cope with the Nordic climate, which places high demands on function.

– We turn to people who like to be active outdoors regardless of the weather, says Anna Björling. The products must live up to expectations while content and materials are selected with great consideration for people and the environment.

Climate-smart collaboration results in “Eco Friendly”

Fluorocarbons are completely excluded from the products – a matter of course for Springyard for a long time. Instead, Springyard has continued to develop environmentally conscious alternatives and collaborations to produce high quality products. 

Together with a Swedish research team, Springyard has developed a water-based repellent that has shown really good results in tests. 

– It provides maximum protection against moisture, dirt and stains and works just as well on shoes, bags, tents or functional clothing.

Broad environmental profiling

Anna Björling goes on to describe the environmental profiling. 

– All Active sprays are “Eco Friendly” and one is marked with so-called Green Certified Propellant. This means a significant reduction in CO2 emissions and a lower climate impact. 

Parts of the shoe care range include mild ingredients that are common in, for example, shampoo and toothpaste. 

The environmental idea is also included in the material choices for the packaging. Springyard Active uses only recyclable materials and to some extent recycled plastic, in its production.

Made in Sweden

With parts of the production in Sweden, it can take place as close as possible to avoid transports that have a major environmental impact.

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