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Everyday Life powered by EXPRO

EXPRO is a brand specializing in waterproofing technology for your everyday life. Our high-performance water-repellent products and services take you to the next level – today and tomorrow.

Keep water, dirt, snow, and stains out! Boost the performance and durability of your everyday gear, garments, footwear, and textiles by strengthening their protection through professional water repellency. Frequent use and wear affect the duration of impregnation. Repeat waterproofing regularly to keep the effect.

The next-generation Durable Water Repellant
Our high-performance impregnation-liquid EXPRO DWR takes waterproofing technology to the next level while being more sustainable and biodegradable than ever. Researched and developed in Sweden, and made from natural and renewable ingredients, with exceptional performance.
DWR stands for durable water repellant, which is a coating added to the top layer of materials to make them more water-repellent and protected.

Our unique water-based formulation, developed from natural raw materials, provides powerful water-repelling functionality to a wide range of materials. Extend and revitalize the protection for textiles and gear, and increase the reusability, functionality as well as durability.

EXPRO DWR is the result of an environmentally focused collaboration between leading Swedish research institutes and experts at Brunngård. EXPRO is delivered as a “POWERED BY EXPRO”-solution in co-branding with external product brand holders.

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