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Quick Care – The Fastest And Most Convenient Shoe Care In The World

Springyard Quick Care – shoe care in three minutes

Super-fast, super-easy, and extremely user-friendly!

Quick Care provides simplicity and does the job in just a few minutes. It is simply the fastest shoe care in the world for people who lack the time but still care about the look and taking care of their belongings. ​

Only 3 minutes spent on each shoe is needed for a quality result to make shoes look great, last longer, and smell good! A fresh scent is added to some of the products.​

Shoe Care in three minutes – for modern people on the go

Quick Care has a broad target group. Despite lack of time, most consumers appreciate a clean and tidy look for less. Quick Care wants to remove the hassle and instead provide the insight; 3 minutes of shoe care will be enough to do the job. This is good for both users and the environment.

Made in Sweden

The products give a qualitative result in the shortest possible time. Many of the products have a multi-function effect with a 2in1- and 3in1-result. In addition, a unique fresh scent enhances the user experience.

All products are fully designed and developed by Brunngård with a focus on offering an eco-friendly option. 100% free from PFAS, Green certified propellants, and fully recycled packaging are examples of this.

Who can resist a 3 minutes shoe fix?

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